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PNV: Press Kneader with Vacuum pump



PNV: Press Kneader with Vacuum pump

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Based on the MN model, this is a dedicated mixer for noodle dough with an added vacuum function. It is the top model in our mixer lineup.


・Left and right blades are removable, making them extremely sanitary.
・Mixing takes place in a vacuum created inside the mixer body (drum).
・Benefits of mixing in a vacuum
1. Improved texture: Mixing in a vacuum creates a texture that cannot be achieved at normal pressure.
2. Enhanced efficiency: Removing air shortens the mixing and aging time.
3. Resistant to spoilage: Removing air reduces the oxidation of the dough.
4. Prevents elongation after boiled: Removing air means there are no gaps for the soup to enter after the noodles have been boiled.

Types of noodles that can be made










Gyoza Dumplings

Main features



Water content


Product specifications

Model Capacity (kg) External dimensions (WxDxH) Weight (kg) Power consumption (W) Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz)
PNV-6P 3-6 714×364×810 60 400 3Φ200 50/60
PNV-12P 6-12 935×516×982 80 750 3Φ200 50/60
PNV-25P 13-25 1130×782×1091 365 1500 3Φ200 50/60
PNV-50P 25-50 1300×740×1150 550 2200 3Φ200 50/60
PNV-75P 37-75 1900×1050×1250 950 3200 3Φ200 50/60
PNV-6UL 3-6 714×364×810 60 400 3Φ230 60
PNV-12UL 6-12 935×516×982 80 750 3Φ230 60
PNV-25UL 13-25 1130×782×1091 365 1500 3Φ230 60


Note 1: Excluding the weight of the vacuum pump.
Note 2: The UL model can change speeds. 

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