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TP-2 (compact size for restaurants)



TP-2 (compact size for restaurants)

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This is a medium-sized roller-type noodle-making machine with expanded functionality compared to TP-1. In addition to improved ease of use, it can also produce noodles with high water content, which was difficult with the TP-1.


・The conveyor belt is located high up and away from the floor, making it more hygienic. It also allows you to work in a more comfortable position.
・The roller’s large diameter makes it possible to produce noodles with high water content, which was difficult with the TP-1.
・The speed of the rollers can be changed, and rolling and cutting can be performed simultaneously, which improves the machine’s ease of use and shortens the noodle production time.
・Noodles can be cut into any thickness, from thin Hakata ramen noodles to thick Sanuki udon noodles.
・This machine has obtained UL, NSF, and CSA marks indicating that it meets North American safety standards for high safety.
・The noodle strand removal position is set at a height of 850 mm, allowing the operator to work comfortably while standing or sitting on a chair and reducing their physical burden.

Types of noodles that can be made










Gyoza Dumplings


*In Japan, many noodle factories produce gyoza dumpling skins in addition to noodles.

Main features

Noodle-making capacit

200-500 [servings/hour]1

Water content


Finished roll

Roller-type; unidirectional rolling

Noodle cutting

Slitter (thick blade or thin blade)


Note 1: Servings vary depending on the type of noodle.
Note 2: Water content depends on the recipe.

Product specifications

Model Mixer External dimensions (WxDxH) Weight (kg) Power consumption (W) Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz)
TP-2P Selected separately 1100×900×1326 360 980 3Φ200 50/60
TP-2UL Selected separately 1100×900×1326 360 980 3Φ230 60

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