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Ramen Course

Our ramen school, which opened in 2001, offers individualized instruction to help each customer make the kind of ramen he or she wants. Because instruction is tailored to the individual, even beginners who know nothing about ramen can learn to make it with skill. Instructors provide careful guidance on everything from making soup without artificial seasonings to the basics of noodle making for delicious ramen, ways of making various soups, and toppings.

Why choose us

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In-depth guidance through completely individualized coaching.

Because our instruction is tailored to the individual, we can provide flexible instruction to meet your needs, including on how to make the noodles and soups you desire. Individualized instruction also lets us teach you the basics of noodle making and just about everything there is to know about soup and noodle types. Instructors can also visit you afterwards to provide further guidance.


Make soup without using MSGs.

While ramen schools in Japan typically teach soup-making using artificial seasonings, Sanuki Menki’s focus is on soup made without such ingredients. This lets us teach you how to make soups that can be enjoyed overseas with peace of mind.

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Extensive experience as the oldest ramen school in Japan (since 2000).

Opened in 2001, our popular ramen school has a long history and an impressive store of knowledge. It attracts many students from overseas, and many of its graduates have gone on to open thriving restaurants in Japan and abroad.

Course content

Learn how to make noodles through lectures and practical training.


Experienced and knowledgeable instructors give lectures on the characteristics and making of the three types of ramen noodle (low-, medium-, and high-moisture noodles). They also provide knowledge on differences in wheat, the role of brine and salt, and other points necessary for actual noodle-making, and offer direct guidance that involves hands-on practice. Instructors also give lectures on popular recipes.

Learn how to make the soup base.


Lessons cover the making of major ramen bases, including tonkotsu (pork bone), chicken, and seafood. Two types of pots (at normal pressure and in a pressure cooker) are used to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of using two different pots. You will also learn how to split bones, remove chicken claws, and make other detailed preparations that are essential to making delicious soup. And you will experience the differences and smells of different ingredients by actually cooking soups. Lectures on vegetarian soups are also available

Learn how to make the tare (seasoning sauce) and oil.


You will learn how to make and combine types of tare and oil to create the soup base.

Learn about toppings.


Toppings are an essential part of ramen. In this school, you will learn how to make and serve two types of chashu pork, chashu chicken, ramen eggs, menma (seasoned bamboo shoots), and other toppings.

Course overview

Ramen class


5 days


JPY 280,000




*The cost of ingredients, course materials, and language interpretation are included in the fees.

*Fully furnished accommodation (one studio room only)

Access map

Osaka school


1-9-2 Kowakae, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka, Japan, 577-0818