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Udon Course

We have extensive knowledge and experience as Japan’s (and the world’s) oldest Sanuki udon school. In this course, you will obtain the skills you need to make noodles that exemplify the “handmade” texture of authentic Sanuki udon, using genuine production methods. A group of experienced instructors will be responsible for guiding you, and experts on dashi broth, soy sauce, flour, and other ingredients will speak about their respective genres.

Why choose us


A wealth of knowledge as Japan’s (and the world’s) oldest Sanuki udon school

In 1976, we opened Japan’s first school specializing in Sanuki udon. With more than 50,000 graduates to date, our udon school offers outstanding performance, knowledge, and name recognition. It is the only udon school in Kagawa Prefecture, the home of udon, to be operated under contract with the prefecture.


Gain expertise in making noodles that meet the definition of “handmade” noodles

You will gain the expertise you need to make delicious noodles using a process based on the handmade Sanuki udon production method, including kneading, pressing, rolling, and knife-cutting. If you wish, you can also learn how to make noodles by hand—just ask us.


Guidance from professional suppliers of dashi broth, soy sauce, flour, and more

Wholesalers that supply dashi broth made from iriko (dried sardines), kombu (kelp), and katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes). Companies that produce soy sauce, an indispensable ingredient in udon. Flour millers, who create the flour that determines the flavor and firmness of the noodles. Professionals from various fields such as these will all be there to speak about the pros and cons of different ingredients needed to make udon.


Responsible guidance by experienced instructors

Instructors who have taught extensively in Japan and abroad will provide thorough instructions on soup and noodle-making, starting from the basics. These instructors have inherited authentic techniques that were perfected in Sanuki, the home of udon, and will teach you how to make noodles, soup, and toppings, as well as help you to start your own business.

Course content

udon course01

Learn about udon, beginning with the basics.


Udon is a well-established noodle dish in Japan with a long history Of the available varieties of udon, Sanuki udon is known throughout Japan for its delicious noodles made with a perfect blend of flour, salt, and water, and its unique production process. You will learn about Sanuki udon’s history and production process, starting with the basics, and how delicious udon is made.



Learn how to make udon.


In addition to learning about the basics of noodle-making, such as differences in the composition of flour and the effects of salt, you will acquire essential knowledge for making udon, such as how to make soup with kaeshi (soup base) and shiro dashi (light-colored broth), and how to fry tempura. You will then master the techniques through actual practice.


Learn how to operate the noodle-making machine.


You can become familiar with the process of making noodles by actually operating the noodle-making machine. Not only will you learn how to operate the machine, but you will understand why each step is necessary, and acquire knowledge that can be applied to making various types of noodles.

Course overview

Personal class


2 days


JPY 60,000


Kagawa Prefecture

Group class


4 days


JPY 100,000


Kagawa Prefecture

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Kagawa Prefecture


148-3 Shimokatsuma, Takase-cho, Mitoyo-shi, Kagawa, Japan 767-0011