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Sanuki Menki Co., Ltd. is a long-established manufacturer of noodle machines in Japan with over 110 years of experience.
With about 40 locations in Japan and other countries, we help countless businesses and individuals to develop noodle businesses around the world.

Our strength lies in the fact that we do more than just sell noodle machines. We can provide comprehensive support to business owners, not only in terms of how to make delicious ramen and udon, but also in terms of expertise on operating restaurants that serve noodles and advice on management.

From ramen to udon, pasta, and soba, it is our mission and dream to help you bring your vision to life.
We hope you will allow us to support you in realizing your dream.

Our patents, trademarks, and other awards

・48 patents
・12 trademarks (including international trademarks)
・Invention Encouragement Prize (awarded four times)
・Science and Technology Agency Award
・Distinguished Service Award for Technology in the Food Industry
・Good Design Award
・Received the Mitoyo City Manufacturing Grand Prize and other awards

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Company Outline

Company Name

Sanuki Menki Co., Ltd.


CEO Kaoru Nakano

Head Office / Factory


148-3 Shimokatsuma, Takase-cho, Mitoyo-shi, Kagawa, Japan 767-0011
Tel: +81-875-72-3145 (main phone)
Fax: +81-875-73-5139



Tokyo Sales Office
9-8-12 Kamirenjaku, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo, Japan 181-0012
TEL:0422-24-6966 FAX:0422-24-6967

Osaka Sales Office
2-16-21 Higashinakamoto, Higashinari-ku, Osaka, Japan 537-0021
TEL:06-6974-3366 FAX:06-6974-3365

Fukuoka Sales Office
Koragawa Bldg. 1F, 428-4 Nonakamachi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka, Japan 839-0862
TEL:0942-43-3197 FAX:0942-43-3210

Founded in

May 1, 1910

Established in

May 12, 1913


JPY 10,000,000

Business Activities


Noodle-making machine business
Design and manufacture of compact machines for restaurant-use and mass production equipment for factory-use, support for the introduction of noodle-making machines


Noodle-making process business
Instruction on the noodle-making process, noodle school (Sanuki udon, ramen), development of noodle products

Sanuki Menki’s history

  • 1910

    Founded on May 1; began selling rice straw processing machines to western Japan

  • 1965

    Developed a machine to press udon (which was traditionally kneaded using the feet) by request from the Kagawa Prefecture health authorities

  • 1968

    Completed the SANUKI series for restaurants specializing in handmade noodles

  • 1971

    Established Sanuki Menki Co., Ltd. on May 12

  • 1974

    Completed the KONPIRA series of mass-production machines

  • 1975

    Opened a sales office in Osaka
    Awarded the “Invention Encouragement Prize”
    Developed the Rolling Press

  • 1976

    Established the Sanuki Udon Technical Center
    Began offering technical training on Sanuki udon

  • 1978

    Awarded the “Invention Encouragement Prize”

  • 1983

    Completed the head office building and exhibition hall

  • 1985

    Received the “Distinguished Service Award for Technology in the Food Industry”

  • 1988

    Completed the “fully automatic knife-cut handmade noodle machine” with a built-in computer
    Completed the “fully automatic double-aging system,” Japan’s first knife-cut handmade noodle machine capable of producing 5,000 servings per hour
    Completed the “Sanuki Udon Information Plaza” technical training center
    Received the Good Design Award in the display category

  • 1989

    Accredited as a “technical improvement business” by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry

  • 1990

    Awarded the “Invention Encouragement Prize”

  • 1991

    Established a distribution center in Korea

  • 1991

    Received the Science and Technology Agency Award

  • 1996

    Awarded the “Special Prize” from the Japan Noodle Manufacturing Equipment Industry Association

  • 2000

    Completed the “viscosity system”

  • 2003

    Awarded the “Invention Encouragement Prize” for the “viscosity system”

  • 2005

    Launched the Kogane Udon Research Group; registered its trademark; established a sales office in Fukuoka

  • 2008

    Obtained seven new patents

  • 2009

    Developed the “Sanuki Shokunin Udon Robot,” a compact, fully automatic noodle-making machine
    Obtained trademarks and utility model rights

  • 2010

    Celebrated our 100th year in business; established a sales office in Tokyo

  • 2011

    Established a joint venture company in Shanghai

  • 2013

    Established a joint venture company in Singapore

  • 2014

    Established distribution centers in LA, Chicago, Sydney, and Taiwan

  • 2015

    Established distribution centers in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Russia
    Obtained a patent for our new viscosity system

  • 2017

    Received two patents related to the “multi-kneader”

  • 2018

    Opened the Sanuki Udon School and Ramen School in Korea

  • 2019

    Held our first workshops in Canada, Sydney, and Shanghai


North America


J.C. Uni-tec Inc.
1467 W. 178th St., Suite 301, Gardena, CA 90248 USA
Tel: +1-310-323-5299
Fax: +1-310-323-1503



J.C. Uni-tec Inc.(East branch)
137 South Foley St., Bensenville, IL 60106 USA
Tel: +1-847-921-7200
Fax: +1-630-860-2015


Sanko Trading Co.
730 Queen St., West, Toronto,Ontario M6JIE8 Canada
Tel: +1-416-703-4550
Fax: +1-416-703-8593
Cell: +1-647-686-5419




Foodways Menki Asia Pte. Ltd.
6 Harper Road, #07-08 Leong Huat Building, Singapore 369674 Singapore
Tel: +65-6288-7374
Fax: +65-6287-3339



Shanghai Foodways Co., Ltd.
Room I, 16F (Kai Kai Plaza), 888 Wan Hang Du Rd., Jing An, Shanghai 200042 China
Tel: +86-21-5237-5520
Fax: +86-21-5237-5519



Hong Kong Packing Equipment Centre Ltd.
Unit 02-03, 21/F, CITIC Telecom Tower, 93 Kwai Fuk Road,
Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2610-2277


CHUANFA International Catering Ltd.
No.195, Sec. 3, Chongde Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City 406041, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886-422479595
Fax: +886-422471010


Damji-ro 104st. 23-1, Seogu Incheon KOREA
Tel: +82-10-9438-6220


CHOE Young-jin
Danggam-ro 17st. 9-1103, Jingu Busan KOREA
Tel: +82-70-8824-6698


Jin Myung Fmc
13-2, Sundong-2Ri, Chowol-Myung, Kwangju-Kun, Kyonggi-Do, Korea
Tel: +82-31-765-5130




Biden V.O.F.
Joris Ivenslaan 29, 1325 LX, Almere, The Netherlands
Tel: +31-36-521-7689
Fax: +31-36-521-7689


Santop Sarl.
4 Rue Chabanais, Paris, 75002 France
Tel: +33-1-42-96-90-64
Fax: +33-9-56-00-52-23


Treha Europe GmbH
Dorotheenstrase 80, 40235 Dusseldorf, Germany
Tel: +49-21199912355
Fax: +49-21199912356




Joseph Lee & Co.
Unit 9, 2 Rachael Close, Slough Business Park, Silverwater, NSW 2128 Australia
Tel: +61-2-9748-0868
Fax: +61-2-9748-0869




Japan Tool Service Ltd.
Korovij Val Street 7, Office 168, Moscow 119049
Tel: +7-495-970-15-73
Fax: +7-495-970-15-73

We have a wide range of knowledge, experience, and equipment related to noodles.

If you have any questions about noodles of all kinds, we are here to help.