Thinking of opening multiple stores or manufacturing and selling products?

Sanuki Menki is here to help if you’re thinking of opening multiple stores or manufacturing and selling products.

Sanuki Menki offers the most suitable noodle-making machines, production methods, and recipes to owners who are thinking of setting up a central kitchen or mass-producing noodles.

1Inquiry and consultation

We will suggest the most suitable machine for you according to the type of noodle you want to produce, your desired production volume, and the location where you plan to open your business. We will also introduce you to the latest noodle workshops and events in countries close to you.

2See the actual machines at a local distributor

See the actual machines


Our international distributors have actual machines on display. Please contact us to find the nearest distributor to you.

3Noodle Workshop

About the school



We dispatch instructors from Japan to five countries around the world (US, Canada, Australia, China, and Korea) to directly teach you the latest practices in Japanese noodles (ramen and udon) and the noodle business.

School content



・Lesson 1: Learn about noodles. (Ramen & udon)
・Production workshop: Make ramen, udon, and gyoza dumpling skins. (Using local ingredients)
・Taste test 1: Taste ramen and udon made from local ingredients
・Taste test 2: Taste locally available soups and broths
・Product explanation by local partners: Receive explanations about the soups and broths (partners differ based on the workshop location)

School schedule

This is a one-day workshop. Please inquire about workshop dates.



I was able to try the noodles that I made using local ingredients. This allowed me to get a really good idea of the products.


Being introduced to local associates gave me confidence.


Going to Japan is costly and takes time, so I was happy to be able to speak directly with representatives from the Japanese headquarters.


I was able to grasp the process of introducing a machine in the future.


I was surprised by how delicious the noodles were when I actually tasted them. They were much different than the noodles available in my country.

How to participate

Please inquire through our website.

4Trial production



We create recipes for noodles with the texture that you desire.
We also offer suggestions and advice on making noodles using your locally-available flour.

[Why choose us]
・You can use original commercial products available only to our members (Kogane Group members)
・You can make trial products using real machines at a local distributor.
・A direct connection with Japan lets you quickly receive advice on recipes and production methods, even after your purchase.

5Quotation and contract

Sales representatives at our headquarters are consistently involved in the process to ensure that the local distributor handles everything smoothly.

6Import and export agency service

We provide one-stop service for all import and export-related operations. Based on your needs, we will handle everything from paperwork to delivery to your restaurant.

7Introduction of ingredient supply partners

We will assess the availability of ingredients and introduce you to local businesses or Japanese partners that can help you to procure the appropriate ingredients.

8Delivery, installation, and test run

carrying in


Our experienced distributors in each country will responsibly provide you with the training you need.

9Noodle-making guidance at a local factory (additional fees required)



A local distributor will provide guidance on noodle-making at your central kitchen or factory.
We can also dispatch an instructor from Japan upon request.

10Support service

A local distributor who has completed our maintenance course can provide you with the support you need. Because after-sales support is handled by a local distributor, service can be provided in a timely manner, with no time lag.We are always available to discuss recipe production.

We have a wide range of knowledge, experience, and equipment related to noodles.

If you have any questions about noodles of all kinds, we are here to help.