Want to participate in our Noodle School?

We support entrepreneurs who open ramen and udon restaurants through the Noodle School.

Sanuki Menki runs a “Noodle School” that can help anyone, even beginners, to learn the basics of noodle making. Over 50,000 people have graduated from our school since its inception in 1976. Understand what makes a good bowl of udon or ramen, and learn everything you need to know to make them, from the noodles themselves to the soup, toppings, and condiments.


Instructors with extensive knowledge about Japanese noodles and the local noodle business will carefully teach you how to make ramen, udon, soba, and other noodles, starting from the very basics. By directly instructing our students on-site, whether they are in Japan or in other countries, and proposing noodle-related businesses in various countries, we are promoting more diverse food habits across the world through Japanese noodle culture.

Takahiro Danguri
Nobuchika Higashida

We have a wide range of knowledge, experience, and equipment related to noodles.

If you have any questions about noodles of all kinds, we are here to help.