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Two-day Intensive Ramen Class at HQ

We held an individual intensive ramen class at our HQ on 12th and 13th Dec.




This time, the client asked to use bran for ramen noodles and niboshi (dried sardines) for ramen soups,
so we made various types of ramen noodles with different ingredients, recipes and sizes on the first day of the course.
On the following day, we made soups with niboshi and pork bones, flavoring sauces and oils and toppings, then created some original ramen recipes at the end of the course.

Actually, there are many different types of niboshi in Japan.
They are classified by their size and where they are caught, etc., and they also have different flavors and aromas when making soup stock.

Generally, Japanese ramen soup is made by combining soup stock, flavoring sauce and oil.
The taste can vary even when using the same soup stock, so you can make a range of ramen soup with just one type of soup stock.
As such, the students were impressed with the tastes that varied depending on the combination of soup stock, flavoring sauce and oil.




Our individual intensive class’s curriculum is adjustable upon request, so you can concentrate on what you want to learn about Japanese noodles in a short period of time.

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